Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Away ???

Progress!!  We moved from our current marina to another marina about 1/2 mile away.  I know this sounds a bit crazy, but the new location was better suited to install the new hardtop once it is available.  Dave and Ed moved the boat while Lynn and I moved the cars.
Our new location has an interesting feature.  At low tide the pelicans come in and dive bomb the area seeking fish.  It is pretty interesting to see.  The last photo is my best shot of pelicans in action.  On the left is a pelican just above the water and on the right a splash where a pelican has penetrated the water.
We are getting close!!!
The Admiral

Monday, January 27, 2014

Detained ....

We were minding our own business one day when Homeland Security moved in.  Actually it wasn't a great surprise as their docks were right next to ours - makes for a great photo op though.  This is some wild neighborhood we are in!
The Admiral

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Castillo de San Marcos ....

On a breezy overcast day we took a break from chores to explore Castillo de San Marcos.  It is the oldest masonry fort and the best example of a Spanish colonial fortification in the continental US.  While we've seen the fort on the outside previously, this was our first excursion inside.  There we found the security of the enormous walls and cannons as well as room upon room of Florida history.
The Admiral

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Little Fish ....

You know, we like our boat.  It usually doesn't seem too big nor too small but just right.  Usually, just right.  I have to admit that with the brand new 63 foot Prout sitting next to us we are feeling like the little fish in a big pond. 
If interested, the Prout is for sale.....not sure of the price.
The Admiral

Thursday, January 23, 2014


It had only been 12 hours since I was admiring how great the boat looked.  Just 12 hours.  Then the Captain decided it was time to finish pulling up the flooring.  Initially I thought, well no big deal.  After all the flooring we had already taken up had come up pretty easily.  But easy was not the way the day would go.  Instead we found the rest of the flooring glue to be more like concrete.  It took a hammer and chisel as well as a run to the hardware store for a new tool to get it all up.  The result was a mess of dust and debris everywhere.  To say I was discouraged would be an understatement.  Let me be more specific an ENORMOUS UNDERSTATEMENT.  I wanted to throw things and speak things that can't be said here. 

But days later, when the new flooring was in I was feeling much better.   I'd say that everything is looking great but I fear if I say it too loudly the Captain will find another project.

The Admiral

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


It has been a lot of work, but it is looking great!  Painting is done.  Finishing the flooring and hardtop still to come!

The Admiral

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Even More Work ....


Although we have accomplished a lot, there is still plenty to do on the list.  One big 'to do' was to finish painting the interior.  It was a big job, with all the taping off of areas, but the place is going to look great when it is done!

The Admiral

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finally Launched!

It was a long time coming and while we were excited to finally be getting the boat in the water, we were apprehensive as well.  Launch and haul days are usually the scariest days of the season.  It is just so spooky to see the boat hanging from the slings. 

We were hopeful that all would go without a hitch.  Unfortunately, it seems there is always something to make you sweat a bit.  Usually it is air in the raw water intake of the engines.   This time it wouldn't be that easy. 

They placed us in the well and the Captain checked the bilges to make sure there were no issues.  Then he went to turn over the port engine and - silence.  No engine hummed to life just the click of the key could be heard.  So with Dave in the engine compartment trying to troubleshoot and me at the helm trying to turn over the engine when instructed the marina staff left us in the well and went about their next task....collecting another boat to launch.  Trying to troubleshoot is always a pain....trying to troubleshoot full well knowing there is another boat going to arrive shortly is even worse. 

Dave checked all the connections and ...... nothing.  Exhausting all his ideas we grabbed one of the staff and had him do a quick review.  Neither Dave nor Mark could find any obvious issues.  Not knowing what else the issue could be they went back to checking connections once again and suddenly when the key turned the engine came to life.  What a relief!  It was indeed a bad connection causing the problem. 

We quickly exited the well and tied up at a nearby dock.  There is still plenty of work to be done before we head out for the season, but at least now we can say we are finally afloat.

The Admiral

Sunday, January 5, 2014

More Work ....

As much as we'd like our time to be all play, there is plenty of work to be done.  Dave continues to pull up the flooring (pictured is the kitchen) in preparation for new vinyl.
We also had our second rough fit of the new hardtop.  It is looking great and every time we see it we are amazed at the size of the thing. 
Weather is becoming a real issue.  Lots of rain left the boatyard looking like a river making it hard to get around.  Nonetheless, we will still take the rain over the arctic blast and lots of white stuff many of you are seeing.
Stay warm.

The Admiral

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!!!





While in the boatyard, we've had an opportunity to visit with friends in the area.  Ken, Francie and Skipper stopped into town on their travels south on Release.  We attempted to go out to dinner on an exceptionally busy weekend and after failing to find an uncrowded restaurant ended up stopping at the Dairy Queen for dinner.  Captain Dave didn't mind and neither did Skipper who was greeted by every employee in the store and offered a cup of ice cream with a doggie treat.

We've gotten together with Ed and Lynn on Skydusky several times over the last several weeks.  Lynn cooked up a marvelous Thanksgiving feast for the holiday.  (Thanks Lynn!!!)  We also stopped by the St. Augustine Lighthouse for their Luminary festival and enjoyed the lighthouse and holiday festivities.

The Admiral