Thursday, May 10, 2012

Afternoon in Titusville...

Well, many of you warned us that it might happen and after four years of cruising it did.  We were attacked by pirates!!  Fortunately for us it was the Good Pirate Max (aka our nephew) and his crew of misfits (aka our family  =)).

'Tropical Breeze' was rechristened 'Chips and Salsa' for the afternoon as the group of us motored - due to no wind - about the waterway taking in the dolphins, seabirds and manatee.  Captain Max took the wheel, but had a bit of a problem steering us clear of markers and other vessels as he hasn't quite reached the height to see over the windshield.  No matter with his sword and hook he took command.

At the end of our journey we got a real treat.  NASA launched an Atlas rocket and we were all able to enjoy the spectacle.

Quite the day.

The Admiral

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Morning in Titusville...

The - still rather - elusive manatee is elusive no more!!!  The Captain and I were anchor down in Titusville one morning when suddenly Dave yelled that there was a manatee at the stern of the boat.  Well he/she was there all right just hanging out in hopes that we would throw something his way.  Sorry buddy.  He eventually swam away; probably disappointed that his appearance didn't garner him a treat but you know the rules - Don't feed the wildlife.

Now this would be the first of many manatee sightings we've had on the northbound journey.  So yes folks, I've finally found the manatee.

The Admiral

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Miami Beach...

No trip to Miami Beach would be complete without an actual visit to the beach!!!  So off we went and we weren't alone.  There were people everywhere.  On the beach.  On foot.   On rollerblades.  On bicycles.  On motorcycles.  In cars.  And more. 

We bummed around checking out the art deco architecture before stopping at Big Pink.  The restaurant is a bit off the beaten path but came highly recommended by our friend Rick.  And boy was he right.  Pictured with Dave is the garlic brie appetizer.  It was so filling the Captain and I didn't have room for an entree - not even dessert!! 

The Admiral

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rick's Place....

Welcome to Rick's Place!!  We arrived in Miami Beach and tied up to Rick's dock.  There we were able to spend time with Rick, enjoy his pool and take in some of the interesting sights from the waterway outside his home. 

But don't let the title of this post fool you into thinking that Rick is the Admiral of his domain.  No way....the REAL in charge of the homestead is Herman - the four legged cutie who is as powerful as he is lovable.

So a day in the life of Herman is trying to get to go for a ride in the car - and moving up to the front seat when nobody is looking.  After a ride around town he likes to get in some play time.  Herman favors wrestling as pictured with Dave as his latest contender.  After a tough workout it is out to the pool where he enjoys the water - both wading and drinking.  Finally, when in need of TLC he climbs into somebody's lap and gives lots of kisses. 

Hmmmm..... could a dog's life be even better than a boater's life?  Perhaps the perfect answer is to be a boat dog.

The Admiral