Saturday, September 27, 2008

From the Top...

We confess. Since the launch on Monday we've been a bit lazy. Not completely lazy because we are definitiely making progress but we have taken time out to enjoy the fact that we are on the water.

For example, we picked up the dinghy this week. That meant spending the day in Annapolis to run errands with the last stop being the dinghy place. Of course since we now have the dinghy it was only right to install the outboard motor. And of course with the outboard installed it was only right to take the dinghy out to test it. So we have enjoyed several rides out on the river with the dinghy in an effort to get the motor timing right. This, of course, is all done in the name of progress....well perhaps not entirely.

But progress has been made. The genoa is up and on the furling. The Captain went up the mast yesterday and mounted the Raydome and TV antenna. He even took a few pictures while he was up there. We were fortunate as we have had several days of rain and managed to find a weather window to get up the mast.

It appears weather will continue to be our nemisis. It is pouring again this morning. Ahh perhaps that means we will need to get breakfast out. The life and trials of a sailor tragical.

More soon.

The Admiral

Monday, September 22, 2008


On this bright and beautiful September day Tropical Breeze was launched into the calm cool waters of the Chesapeake! While the Captain and Admiral anxiously watched the launch, naysayers who insisted that the boat had been on land for soooooo long that it was permanently affixed to the boatyard were proven wrong.

The play by play follows:

Photos 1: The lift is in motion. (1:20 pm)
Photos 2 & 3: Tropical Breeze is on the move. (1:35pm)
Photos 4 & 5: Splash! (1:44pm)

So then what? Well we are now nicely tied up to the dock in the marina. With the success of the day, the Captain and I have called for an early Happy Hour - so as of 2:24pm we are floating at the dock taking in the sun and activities around us while enjoying a cocktail. Heck it is 5:00 somewhere after all!

The fun is just beginning!

The Admiral

P.S. For all the friends who have struggled with posting comments directly to the site, we think we have resolved the problem. We look forward to your messages.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tropical What?

Well my friends it is official. The boat got its lettering on Friday and is now officially labeled Tropical Breeze. For the contingent hoping that the boat would be named Tropical Booze, my apologies. We will, however, keep the alternate name in mind for future vessels. =)

The Admiral
P.S. Stay tuned for the big launch....coming 9/22.

Matt's First Crabfeast...

Brother Matt joined us this week to help with the final preparations for the launch. We removed the shrink wrap, washed and waxed the boat, made progress on sewing the cockpit enclosures, hooked up the solar panels, got the bimini installed and fiberglassed in around the sail drives. Quite the week!

With all this progress there was only one thing to do - CELEBRATE! And in Maryland there is no better way to celebrate than by enjoying a Crabfeast. Crab, corn and coleslaw. The 3 key food groups of Maryland. Yum.

The Admiral

They just keep getting bigger...

I continue to be amazed by the size of some of the yachts on the East coast. On our return to the boat - a teeny tiny 38 foot catamaran, we were greeted in the yard by "Christine". She is a 100 foot - yes, I said 100 foot - Cheoy Lee. The props alone are enormous! Absolutely beautiful!

The Admiral


Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Admiral's Send Off....

Well beginning today I am no longer a member of the workforce. I've wondered what it would feel like when I reached this point and let me tell you my friends - IT FEELS GREAT!!

Thanks to all who sent the many well wishes. I've loved every minute of the parties and festivities to send me off. I'll post a picture or two of the activities when I can but thus far all pictures I've received are a bit inappropriate. =)

I thank you all for the friendships we have created and hope that those friendships continue through email and this site.

Thanks so much!!

The Admiral

Copy (The) Cat...

We had a visitor this trip. The "Lady Maryland" was in dry dock with us for a new paint job. She is a replica of a 19th century schooner. At 80+ foot in length she has got us beat by a lot.

Given her size we chose not to push back on the crew's choice of bottom paint color for the Lady - yes, they painted her red. (Copy Cats).

For the top sides they chose the color pink for historical purposes. Apparently when the original schooners were manufactured, the boats were built very fast. The painters used the same buckets to paint the bottom and the top sides. The result - pink top sides. (Are you thinking Operation Petticoat? I am.)

We considered painting Tropical Breeze's top sides pink as well.....NOT.

The Admiral


PS - Karen K. are you enjoying the addition of all the pictures???

Bold and Beautiful...

Well after 11 gallons - yes, I said 11 gallons - of barrier coat and bottom paint the bottom of the boat is now a bold and beautiful red!

We've gotten a lot accompished in our two weeks of work. Beyond the bottom being completed, the guest plumbing is now complete with the new holding tank installed and the solar panels mostly installed.

No broken bones this trip. Many bumps and bruises but no broken bones.

The Admral