Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Season Wrap Up...

From Annapolis we traveled to the eastern shore community of Oxford which is another quaint town along the Chesapeake. There we met with fierce winds as we attempted to tie up to the town courtesy dock but once ashore enjoyed exploring town, seeing the waterman mural and taking in the views of all the picnic boats at the Hinckley Yard.

From Oxford we traveled the short way to San Domingo Creek and went into St. Michaels from the back door. Unlike many of the other small communities we visited, St. Michael's was open for business and I walked David's feet off viewing all the shops. After we were done the Captain rested his weary toes and sipped on a beer to recover.

With St. Michael's complete, our Chesapeake adventure was quickly coming to a close. It was time to head to the marina for - must I say it - haulout - ugh!

Fortunately, all went well with the haul and we have returned to the Midwest for what is shaping up to be a splendid summer. The Captain and I will part company with you here, but please join us again in the fall when the Adventures of Tropical Breeze continue. Who knows maybe, just maybe, we will FINALLY make it to the Bahamas!

Enjoy your summer!

The Admiral