Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Unfortunately, Captain Dave has had to go home for a family emergency. Our southbound journey is on hold for now.

More to come.

The Admiral

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009 Wrap Up...

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

The Captain and I traveled back to the Midwest for the holiday season. The morning we left Florida it was 79 degrees and the sun hadn’t even come up yet. We arrived in the Midwest and it was 7 – what were we thinking???? Despite the chilly temps, we’ve enjoyed the snow. Home had already seen its first snowfall before our arrival and while we were at home we would see another 2+ feet. It kept Dave busy shoveling out the driveway.

Unfortunately the holiday was not all fun and games. Dave’s Dad was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Eve. The diagnosis - a gall stone which caused irritation to his liver and caused a blood infection. Fortunately after a week of good medical care and antibiotics he was released. He is back at home, and very nearly back to his usual routine.

As for us, we’ve decided the Midwest is too stressful and are looking forward getting back on board.

Have a very Happy New Year!!

Dave and Joanne