Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let the Adventure Begin...

Our adventure began a bit differently this year, but was an adventure nonetheless.  Historically, we would leave Virginia aboard Tropical Breeze and begin the southerly trek to Florida.  However when we started the season Tropical Breeze was already hauled out in Florida awaiting our return.

So the adventure this year actually began in the Midwest where we packed up the car and headed south.  Fog surrounded us and within an hour we found snow.  In fact, we found so much snow that a local radio station started playing Christmas music in celebration of the first snowfall of the season. When we'd eventually traveled far enough south the snow turned to more rain and fog.  A rather unexpected start, but we can't complain especially since our having left the boat in Florida meant we did not have to worry about skirting Hurricane Sandy in the northern states. 

We would find surprises of a different kind once we got to South Carolina.  This surprise, the price of fuel.  It has been a long time since we've seen it priced at less than $3 a gallon so finding it for sale at $2.91 a gallon was quite the treat.   

Now in Florida, boat work commences.

The Admiral